Scary stories are called 'scary stories' for a reason... because they SCARE you!! This little boys reaction to his mom reading a scary story is the best and most adorable thing I have ever seen!

Fun fact: I scare easier than anyone you have ever met.

If someone sneaks up on me, if someone screams, if someone unexpectedly taps me on the shoulder, basically if anyone does anything I WILL scream and have a mini heart attack!! Aaandd if I am standing when this happens I sometimes completely lose the ability to function and I fall on the ground. I don't know whyyyy I fall, but I do know that if I am ever in a fight or flight situation I am sooo screwed!!

This little boy might be my twin, because he reacts EXACTLY like I would... but he's like 5 years old and I'm 26 sooo his reaction is acceptable and I just look/sound like an idiot!

-- AFV Kids

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