Bad News: A tropical wave exists a little over Havana that is producing a lot of rainfall already. The Good News: strong upper-level winds should prevent any significant development of the system, but the Hurricane Center hedges their bet and says that conditions for development could become more conducive by the time the system enters the Gulf of Mexico proper.

Presently the wave is moving west-northwestward and will likely produce heavy rains for Hispaniola, the Bahamas, Turks, Caicos, and Florida as early as the beginning of the week.

Note the big red X on the map, according to the Hurricane Center the potential for tropical storm formation within 48 hours is now at 80%. Potential Tropical Cyclone Six presently has winds of 25 mph sustained and moving dead west at 12 MPH.

The Hurricane Center has issued an official advisory on Potential Cyclone Six, click here for details.

National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL. Aug 30 2018 1 pm CDT