Everyone expects to catch a little glimpse of what their baby will be like when they go in for an ultrasound, but this couple got an unexpected surprise when their baby started clapping!

I will probably cry or say "Ohh 'Shoot'!" when I see an ultrasound of my baby for the first time. But, if my baby started clapping his/her hands? Oh man! I would alert the world that I officially have the coolest baby ever and it's not even born yet!

Ok, so I am not 100% positive if this video is real, but it's gone viral and I had to post it! The title of the video is "Clap your hands, baby announcement", which makes me think that it was edited to make it a more exciting announcement, but caption on the YouTube page says, At our 14 week ultrasound our baby was clapping, so I sang a song with our doctor as my husband filmed." So, maybe it is real! I don't know! You can watch the video for yourself and decide, but whether it's real or not, it's definitely a really cute video!

-- Jen Cardinal