No one will ever know why a pickup truck westbound on Hwy 12 about four miles west of DeQuincy yesterday afternoon, crossed the center line and veered off the left side of the roadway. The 2013 Chevrolet truck ran through the shallow ditch before striking a tree and coming to rest.

No one will ever know why the driver, a nineteen-year-old did not take a moment to buckle his seatbelt, or whether doing so would have saved his life. Statistically speaking the odds would have been more in his favor, now a local family is left with lifelong grief and questions that can never be answered.

Troop D investigators from the Louisiana State Police have taken toxicology samples for analysis which may answer some questions but not all. The accident happened shortly before 3:30 pm. It's a lonely, wooded two lane stretch of highway that runs across the Sabine River into Deweyville, Texas.

While not all crashes are survivable, statistics show the chances of living through a crash rise significantly when properly restrained.

Louisiana State Police reminds everyone that all occupants, front or back seat must be buckled in. The snap decision not to wear a seatbelt can have fatal consequences.

This year Troop D has investigated 17 fatal crashes resulting in 20 deaths. We all make less than spectacular decisions in life, the moment it takes to buckle in is one of the smarter choices we can make on a daily basis.

All the Click It or Ticket campaigns in the world are ineffective if we don't simply do it.