Perhaps the most anticipated day in daytime television came this week when Oprah Winfrey signed-off of the Oprah Winfrey Show. After 25 years, Oprah has decided to give up the stage, and pursue other interests in her life and caree

To start, if you think for one minute that Oprah is gone from television, you need to think again. Being perhaps the most powerful woman of all-time in television beings many opportunities, and those in these positions just don't just walk away to go lay on a near-by beach. Believe me, Oprah has a plan, and we will soon see why she elected to leave the Oprah Winfrey Show behind.

Whether you like Oprah or not, you cannot deny the fact that one she is very powerful, but two she changed lives. She gave kids hope and gave some parents a second chance. However you may feel about Oprah and/or her show, I would bet the house that in the 25 years of her show she had you stop what you were doing and watch her program. The beauty of the Oprah Winfrey Show was that she talked to those we wanted to hear from and she tackled issues we wanted to hear about. The best always ask questions that others are afraid to ask, and Oprah Winfrey never held back.