Quick! Name two addicting substances – maybe caffeine and crawfish flashed through your mind, but the biggest addiction is us! Somehow we’re also addicted to each other.

If you believe in the Supreme Creator who created all the planets in the universe and Adam, you’ll recall after a little while of watching Adam mope around in the Garden of Eden after a long day of naming creatures, God made Eve to give Adam companionship and help him pick out a nice tie for Sundays.

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If you’re a non-believer you’ve no doubt heard of early civilizations where groups of people came together to form a community bond for self-protection, self-preservation and some kind of social life sitting around the campfires at night telling stories about great hunts.

We’re social creatures and we’re addicted to each other.

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Now comes a study of 200 people who showed ‘pleasure cravings’ upon simply seeing the Facebook logo! If you didn’t realize it already social media is as addicting as chocolate and more chocolate.  Researchers found that simply seeing the Facebook “F” can set off “spontaneous pleasure cravings”.

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It gets better (worse?) some frequent users cannot resist logging in, and not logging in can trigger feelings of guilt.

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