Just when you thought celebs were the only people who "beefed," Twitter users were treated to a public squabble between Wendy's and Burger King.

In what may be the softest beef since Drake & Chris Brown went back and forth, the two fast food giants went toe-to-toe on Twitter after some seemingly pedestrian social marketing took an unexpected turn.

Wendy's tweeted about their "4 for $4" meal (which is great, by the way)

Burger King noticed the tweet, and saw prime opportunity to do a little bit of social marketing of their own.

It's almost unfair to call this "beef" because it was almost over before it started after Wendy's replied to a tweet from a someone who asked what they planned on "firing back" with.

Mic. Drop.

The replies to Wendy's tweet range from praise to downright hilarity.

In the end, none of us knew it was THAT real in these fast food Twitter streets.

As the JAY Z-inspired quote from Mashable stated, "You come at Wendy, you best not miss."

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