Chocolatier, Jonathan Grahm, tries everything from Whitman's to Lindt to give you the inside scoop on the perfect Valentines Day chocolate treat.

If you're going with a classic box of chocolates for your V-Day sweetie, make sure you get the good stuff! I mean, yeah all chocolate is delicious, but I am not a chocolate connoisseur. Honestly, I'd be happy eating a Hershey's bar on V-Day and think it was the best thing ever, but I am weird. Don't judge your V-Day chocolate spending on my lame-o tastes!

Jonathan Grahm is a Chocolatier (umm, how can I get that job) and owner of Compartes, and he was nice enough to try everyone's favorite brands of Valentine's Day chocolate and tell us what he really thinks of them. After watching the video I have learned two very important chocolate things:

  1. Chocolate should "snap" when you bite it and
  2. If caramel is chewy and thick, it means that it's loaded with preservatives.

I love learning new things! Take a peek at this BuzzFeed Video and get a nice chocolate education before the most chocolatey day of the year!!