Some time back I had a realtor friend with whom I'd lost contact until the social media age when we reconnected. She'd been in Florida these many years also in real estate.

She once told me "George, come out here and get into real estate, there's a mint to be made in residential." How so I asked? I know realtors all over who swear the real money is in commercial.

She laughed. "Everywhere else, but the thing about Florida is the hurricanes, and I don't mean the college football team. People want to live in Florida, they buy a house. A few years go by, we get a couple of nice storms and they want to sell and move away. George, I have some houses I've sold six and seven times in fifteen years."

National Weather Service Miami - Sept 12, 2019 0800 AM EDT

It appears I've saved myself some money and effort by not ever moving to Florida in the first place. Because its that big fat peninsula sticking out into the ocean, along with the Caribbean nations Florida is almost always in a tropical storm bulls-eye and this week is no different.

The National Weather Service has observed surface pressures falling which is allowing the Red X to become better organized even as it now dumps more rain into the Bahamas. This atmospheric change will inevitably lead to the formation of at least a tropical storm. Get the full details directly from the weather service here.

Yep, the important thing to remember in real-estate is Location.