In a time when there were people who stayed home on the couch watching TV programming provided by a few major networks in the 90’s, programs such as Northern Exposure, Frasier, Beavis and Butthead, The X-Files and Seinfeld. Meanwhile other people left home and ventured out and partied, but whether you did the at-home thing or went out to do it, you probably did it with a drink called Zima.

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The 90's Was a Hard-Partying Decade

Honestly what’s to follow is not advertising, but happy memories of a decade and the drink that is said to have defined it, that clear cross in taste and alcoholic content between say a Sprite and a Coors Lite complete with the hip packaging and advertising. In the 'wine cooler' age of Bartles and Jaymes, Zima was the perfect fit for those wanting more than a wine cooler (never knew exactly what those were supposed to be) but less than a fully grown beer - there was the clear fluid in the clever bottle.

But whether you stayed in or went out there’s a good chance you had zome Zima in a cooler close by most days and especially weekends.

When the world wide web was just an infant named the ‘information superhighway’, the country could see the Menendez Brothers and OJ Simpson trials live on television and there was… well… Bill. Clinton.  No better president to represent the party atmosphere of the decade.

And while all this other was going on there was the music, the soundtrack for all that mayhem was provided by Blind Melon, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creep, the Foo Fighters and the rest of them and it was all sloshed down with a good helping of the soda-beer iced down, in cans or bottles but bottles of course.

I know all this 90's, partying and Zima talk has you excited, but hold your horses at least a portion of it can now be re-lived.  Zima is back and in stores in SWLA (sorry – if I told you where exactly then it would be advertising, see how this works?) and the initial rush has seen folks of a certain age packing buggies full of cases of the stuff out to their cars.  Younger folks thinking they don’t want to miss out on something are loading up on it too.

One of Zima’s marketing strategies was to emphasize the ‘Z’ in the label as much as possible visibly and audibly.  Their video commercials were followed with a graphic that read “Zima, Zomething Different” and as much as is reasonable the audio dialog was laced with words with an ‘s’ sound, pronounced with a distinctive ‘Z’ zound.  Zee what I mean? And also explains the title of zis post.

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Women Used to Love this Stuff

It is true the brew is back for a limited time (new Coke old Coke scam?) MillerCoors announced a couple weeks back they’d found “some of the people that worked on Zima in the 90’s to recreate the look, feel and taste so that it is almost identical to the original” said the release. The limited sales window is expected to last through the 4th of July.

Zima. Zoo Knew?  Better Ztock up, ztories of exzess conzumption are already wide-zpread.