In case you forgot, Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are perfect. And so is their cover of "What are You Doing New Years Eve?".

I'm going to start out by saying that this video is five years old, so how have I never seen it until today? I have a minor obsession with all things Zoey and Joseph after seeing 500 Days of Summer -- great movie, by the way, I highly recommend it. But, back to this video, where has it been all my life? Why didn't I even know "What are You Doing New Years Eve?" was a song? Well, now I know and I will be playing it on repeat until January 1st.

Seriously, this perfection that is Zoey and Joseph is killing me right now. She's playing a flipping ukulele and he has an adorable little voice and matching adorable little dimples. They are my favorite, obviously.

But, now, my NYE has been ruined a little, because I am doing nothing and every time I hear this song I will be reminded that I am doing nothing, and I will probably cry a little on the inside.

[via HelloGiggles]